Occaneechi Homeland Preservation Project: Bringing the Past and the Future Together
A Look at What's Planned


A Look at What's Planned
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These Photos show a preview of some of what the New Tribal Center Complex will include.

Reconstructed Occaneechi Village

This reconstructed 1701 Occaneechi Village in Hillsborough, NC, will be duplicated at the Tribal Center complex in Pleasant Grove, not far from a late Woodland era settlement site on nearby Owen's Creek.  A series of nature trails will lead from the Village trough the woods to focus on Native life as a part of the natural world.

Living History Days will be one of the Programs taking place at the Tribal Center

Tribal members will eventually be employed as interpreters in both the Reconstructed Village and the Log Homestead, demonstrating skills such as cooking, woodworking, storytelling, and hunting techniques.

Occaneechi schoolkids ca. 1913
The Tribal Museum will show how the Occaneechi life changed as time passed.

Part of the planned Tribal Center Complex will be a modern Museum which will focus on Occaneechi life, and that of the Eastern Siouan Indians in general.  It will utilize not just artifacts such as arrowheads and pottery, but old photographs, handicrafts, and audio recordings to tell the story of Tribal life from the 1600's to the present.  This will help to educate the public about the continued existance of Indian people in the Piedmont, a fact most members of the state seem unaware of.

Tribal Elder G.C Whitmore at his old family home
A 1850's era Log Homestead will show Indian life pre-Civil War

One of the most common misconceptions about Indian culture is that it never changes.  Utilizing a rebuilt log homestead perhaps modeled on the old Drewry Jeffries cabin, the Occaneechi will demonstrate to the public, and to their own children, how the Indian people of Little Texas lived in the not so distant past.  The Native Gardens will be will be located adjacent to the Reconstructed Village and the Log homestead, showing visitors what plants were grown for food, dyes, medicine, and other day-to day use.